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Nice game yet I have certain problems. The game does not save as it  claims and also it does not save the graphic settings nor the control settings  on exiting and reentering the game regardless of inventory issues that have already been addressed. 

Wow, solo puedo decir wow. Que gran juego. Mucho miedo andar por los pasillos oscuros. No sabes qué va a suceder. Hay mucho que hacer y ver. El monstruo es espeluznante; sus ruidos son totalmente aterradores. El hecho de no poder correr lo suficientemente rápido para huir del monstruo te paraliza por completo. Lo recomiendo ampliamente. Felicidades!

Title is no over-exaggeration, this game was absolutely amazing!

Quite scary and heart-pumping. Would recommend potato mode as the main one is a bit laggy.

My playthrough:


My thoughts on the game:

  • Isn't very well optimized, the normal game suffers from pretty major lag on a decent machine. Potato mode runs just fine but the images are very blurred.
  • I would assume the ghoul was a prank made by your friend. Not only setting all that up is really time consuming but even after your friend explains that to you, it still follows you.
  • Your friend found "another exit", yet it isn't viewable anywhere.
  • It's very odd how your friend just runs in. Not only is the main character not sure if he even went in fully and hasn't seen him "He must've went in", but I've never seen a situation like that where you just abandon eachother in a big tunnel.
  • Your friend is very eager to go back into the tunnel even though you just about almost died there, very weird.
  • The big monster at the end chase can block your path.
  • I'm gonna admit this game was hella scary.
  • The flashlight and lantern produce too much flare, I recommend taking note from Amnesia on the lantern's look.

Overall, quite a decent game. I enjoyed it. :)


Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I've already rewritten the flashlight from scratch for the next game, there were way too many problems with this one. Still working on balancing lights and exposure because the next game has day and night cycles and there's even more to adjust regarding flare/bloom. I think most of the performance issues were coming from the camera, weirdly enough. Unity HDRP is very unfriendly towards "camera stacking" (i.e. main camera + arm camera w/transparent background), so I'm working on a solution there that will be much faster. One alternative to potato mode for now is to use a lower resolution, like 1600x900 or as low as 1336x768, because the cost is happening on a per-pixel basis.

Super cool game, was veerrry atmospheric! Had a bit of a weird issue at one point where I couldnt combine items, and also the lantern bugged at one point where I couldnt equip it (dropping it and picking it back up fixed that though). Overall I loved it :D

awesome game but had some issues when i died from the monster he just didnt wanna come at me again he was like nope im gunna stay here in my water  

Creepy game. Great work! 

Had some issues with flashlight and lantern, also a weird issue when loading a saved game....but ultimately this was very well done. Will absolutely be venturing back to it to give it another go.  Check out the vid for gameplay

funtastic game


That game is awesome I really like it. 5/5


This was phenomenal and I badly want more. I want to learn about the creatures in the tunnels, why this place was abandoned, what's happening down here?

I hope you expand on the world here, you have something incredibly tense and creepy going on here. Amazing job!


Good game

Good game but I didn't knew what to do when arriving back at the entrance.

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Theres quiet a few bugs in this game everytime I went into the menu to equip my lantern i wouldnt be able to move afterwards and sometimes when I did equip it it wasnt working and neither was the flashlight.

Daannngg. You made it to the platforming bit and then it bugged :( I'm so sorry. There have been a lot of issues with the lantern and flashlight that I've had to fix but I wasn't aware of one where the control is lost. I will attempt to fix asap. Thanks for playing and sharing your playthrough.

I could not figure out what to do at the end. But I had a good time getting there.

Thanks for the kind words. Good job wranglin' that there monster like a hoss. I think it's clear that I need to add some more hint lights to guide the way. It's just too difficult to search thoroughly there with the monster present and lantern/flashlight slowly getting dimmer.


That's some Pro Gamer™ moves right there. I didn't expect anyone to get out if it corners you in the electrical room. Good skills

Good one 

Thanks, you were first! The story is indeed very minimal. I will be adding at least one more progression hint to the brick area.